Piney Grove's Olde Bulldogges

Dedicated breeding program for Olde English Bulldogges:

Family. Loyalty. Strength. Health. Temperament. Tradition. and......Puppies!

About the Piney Grove Kennels Family...

To introduce the family:  Humans:  Mandy (that's me), my husband Bobby, and my twin boys, Tyler and Trevor.  The dogs are:  Georgia,  Memphis, Tyra, Tsunami, Miss Priss, Niko, Fiona, Shelby, Bella, Sugar Baby, Josie, Skye, Jarvis, Chubbs, and Bull Halsey.  Georgia is our first OEB.  She is now 9 years old and retired.  Georgia's granddaughter is Lil' Brown.  Her great-granddaughter is Memphis.  Memphis and Tyra will soon be retired after this, their last litters.  Tsunami, Miss Priss, Niko, Sugar Baby, Josie, and Bella are our adult females. Our up and coming females are Shelby, Skye, and Fiona.  Jarvis and Chubbs are our studs.  Bull Halsey is an up and comer. 

Our home is located in rural Northeast Georgia, near Athens, Georgia and is ideal for raising our family and pets.  If you look out our front door, you can't see a road or another house at all.  This allows for great freedom for me and the dogs to go about our daily work and play.  I am nearly always home with the dogs.  It takes a lot of time to care for that many dogs.   Although there are certain sacrifices that have to be made in my life for these dogs, (Such as not being able to leave the homestead for over a day, and having to be "on call" when I do arrange to leave, etc.) it is all worth it to me.  I am able to combine two of the things that I love doing...working with great dogs and working to help great people...into a life of working to bring great dogs to great people.  

I have always loved animals, and began my work with them before I was out of high school by arranging rescues, volunteering in animal shelters, and working to be an advocate for animals.  My first love in the pure bred dog world was the Siberian Husky.  Hauntingly beautiful, wonderfully vocal, and primally similar to their wolf ancestors, Siberian Huskies are a beautiful breed of dog.  I found, though, that they are rather difficult pets for an easy-going family environment.  They are escape artists with a high small-prey drive and high exercise and grooming requirements.  Through my husband's love of the bulldog, (the English Bulldog), we were introduced to the Olde English Bulldogge.  I found the Olde English Bulldogge to be a great all-around family dog.  Low daily maintenance with their short coats, easy going temperament, high loyalty and trainability, awesome, intimidating good looks with the friendliest personality...These dogs were for me!  

I've been working with OEB's for nearly a decade now and I've never looked back.   Our dogs are inside and outside as the weather (and their whim) dictates, as this breed tolerates the heat well.  The Olde English Bulldogge is a hearty, healthy, strong breed of dog.  They are wonderful to have around, and have really made me the proud owner time and time again.

We plan a breeding for athleticism, health, beauty, muscle tone, I really am trying for good muscle tone, and temperament, all while keeping the points of conformation in mind.  My line of dogs should be confident, eager to please, alert, intelligent and physically capable.  They should behave like silent, loyal guardians for the family, but be willing to play and have fun when the owners want to.  I believe the breed standard is a very important tool toward the maintenance and betterment of any breed, and towards respecting the tradition and intended functionality of a breed.  The standard we use is the IOEBA standard.  To view the IOEBA breed standard, click here.  

The puppies we do not hold back for the program are placed up for adoption to approved homes only.  I have been blessed with such wonderful adopters.  If you are interested in reserving a pick from one of our litters, don't hesitate to call me at 706-783-2142.  But please email me as well in case I miss your call.  

The Family...

The Piney Grove Bulldogs' Human Family

Our Front Yard... :) ... Doggie playground.

Not a house in sight, which is the best state of affairs for a kennel with a bunch of bulldogs.  We do not have to worry about stray dogs or leash laws here.  We can all be free to have fun and the dogs can be dogs.  

The Piney Grove Bulldogs' Yard

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