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Piney Grove's Olde Bulldogges

Dedicated breeding program for Olde English Bulldogges:

Family. Loyalty. Strength. Health. Temperament. Ethics. Tradition. and......Puppies!

Gallant's Jarvis Matthews

Piney Grove's Chubbs

An absolute sweetheart and gorgeous male, Chubbs is our special little man.  He is out of Gallant's Jarvis Matthews and CB's Tsunami of Piney Grove Kennels.

Pictures coming soon of Bull Halsey.

Piney Grove's Valentine

This little boy will grow up to be a man one day.  Until then, we will just enjoy his puppy cuteness.  Hoping (and sure) he will turn out to be a great, healthy, athletic and balanced stud for Piney Grove Kennels.  Parents are Piney Grove's Memphis Girl and Gallant's Deacon.

Olde English Bulldogge Studs

Other Males...

Below this point you will find pictures and info on males who don't reside here, but have a part in our family. Some have passed away and some are alive and well, but all have made an impact at Piney Grove Kennels.

Piney Grove's Big Bobo

Bobo is a male from a Gallant X Sullivan breeding.  His background includes the Gallant and Sullivan, and also some My Bulldogges, Wood's, Valley View, Ground Pounderz, and Bullspride.  He has produced several solid, healthy litters for us.   Big Bobo is now retired.

Gallant's Cash's Man in Black - RIP

This is Gallant's Cash's Man in Black.  He was owned by Josh and Jenny Whitfield.  He has now passed away.  He was produced by Gallant Farms.  He produced Gallant's Big Mack Matthews, who we owned.  Big Mack in turn produced my Piney Grove's June Carter Memphis.

Gallant's Big Mack Matthews - RIP

Gallant's Big Mack Matthews has passed away, so we just didn't get a whole lot of pictures of him.  I wish we had more.  He was an awesome dog.  He weighed roughly 87 pounds but was a big teddy bear.  

Gallant's & Wrinkleville's Doodlebug - RIP

Doodlebug sired my girl, Piney Grove's Memphis Girl.  He was owned by Mr. Clack of Wrinkleville Kennels and Produced by Maryann at Gallant Farms.

Piney Grove's Produced Males

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